The HARDAB 7000 HF is a drill rig that can do either water well or geothermal drilling. While most existing rigs added a rod handler to an existing rig, HARDAB built its machine around their rod handler. The solution is both simple and efficient. It gives the highest onboard rod capacity for hand-free operation. Furthermore, the feeding and tripping speed you get from this system is incredibly fast. One operator alone can trip out 200[m] of rods in 30 minutes. If you plan on getting competitive in Geothermal or Water well drilling, the Hardab is the product for you.

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Depth range: 0-300[m] (0-1000[ft]) 3.5[in] Rods

Feed stroke: 4[m] (13[ft])

Pull back: 7000[kg] (15 400[lbs])

Onboard capacity: 200[m] (660[ft])