0-150m RC Drill rig, one man operation hand free.

The MAX-150RC has been proven to be a ultra reliable and performant RC Drill Rig. It can be used to do various work and is an essential machine to have in your drill rig portfolio. With it's Patented rod handling system, you don't need to put a hand on a rod while using the 150m of 4in rods inboard. Safer, smarter and faster.


0-250 meter version of the MAX series, feature a 3m mast version and smaller excavator.

With it's bionic arm, the MAX-250RC allow for fast hand free operation. Smaller excavator allow lighter footprint. Put the efficiency and reliability of an excavator at the service of your drilling. 


0-400 meter reverse circulation drill rig based on an excavator.

The MAX-400RC is integral part of a Caterpillar excavator. Maxidrill is the first drill rig manufacturer to get the OEM Solution approval from Caterpillar. This machine feature our top of the line electronics and hydraulics for fastest drilling solution.

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