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Available with a 3[m] or 6[m] mast, The MAX-150RC is an efficient and robust RC Drilling machine. The rig's patented rod handling system allows real and efficient one-man operations. The traction will help you mobilize your platform quickly and safely with wireless remote control. This drill is ideal for users who want performance without compromise.

Depth range: 0-175[m] (0-575[ft]) 4[in] RC rods

Feed stroke: 4[m] (13[ft])

Pull back: 7000[kg] (15 400[lbs])

Option (-310, -313, -610, -613):

Depth range: up to 275[m] (985[ft]) 4[in] RC rods

Feed stroke: 6.5[m] (21[ft])

Pull back: up to 12 500[kg] (27 000[lbs])
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