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Rotation Heads

MAXIDRILL offers a wide variety of Rotation Heads for different drilling applications (Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation drilling, Dual-purpose equipment, Conventional Down The Hole (DTH) drilling).

Rod Handlers

Reverse Circulation (RC) Rod and Casing Handlers are available in different configurations and can be operated directly or with remote control.


A wide range of Breal-out key, Footclamps and Casing pullers are available with diameter up to 9[in] (228[mm]) and pulling capacity of 60 000[lbs] (27 000[kg]). 


​Cyclones are available for Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling and standard Down The Hole (DTH) drilling. Airflow up to 1300[CFM] (37 000[LPM]).

Air Swivel

High-pressure Reverse Circulation (RC) Air Swivel

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