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MAX-600RC (in development)

The MAX-600RC is an efficient and robust RC Drilling machine. The rig's feature our top of the line hydraulic and electrical system. Based on an excavator, you get the reliability of one and will reduce downtime to the minimum. The traction and swing will help you mobilize your rig quickly and efficiently. This drill is ideal for users who want performance without compromise. As of now, MAXIDRILL Inc. is the only manufacturer approved by CAT OEM solution.


  • Depth range: 0-600 [m] (0-1950[ft])* 4[in] RC rods

  • Feed stroke: 10[m] (33[ft])*

  • Pull back: 27 000[kg] (60 000[lbs])*

  • Mast available in 7.3[m] or 10[m] stroke*

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