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Track mounted rig for water well drilling

A short time ago, we studied the option with Hardab to make a truck-mounted version of their successful machine. It made a lot of sense, we would have all the benefits from the Hardab and bridge the gap between existing water well drill rigs, and the Hardab product.

While this idea ran through our heads, we started talking with our customers about the option and if they would rather have a truck-mounted or track-mounted version of the drill rig.

Surprisingly most customers told us they would never go back to a truck rig. The traction on their machine provided them with a game-changing factor that they did not know they needed before owning their track-mounted drill rig. Consistency, they know knew precisely how much time it would take to mobilize and demobilize the drill rig. The truck would be faster to start in most places, but when it gets stuck, everything stops. They knew when they started the job, but could only guess when they will finish it. What they are getting with a track rig, is insurance. Cost is a little slower to start the job, but you are sure you are leaving when it is finished.

Another point is the exclusivity. When all the other contractors have the same equipment, you can take jobs; others can't. Customers are ready to pay for this. They want or must keep their trees; they do not want to pave the way to the back of the house, they want the well at the bottom of the hill, any reason is suitable for a truck not to go. If you can do it and others can't take it, the ball is on your side. In the end, our customers that moved to track rigs found their clientele changed for the better, and they love it.

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